Student Forced To Change Schools For Not Cutting His Locs

Isaiah Freeman’s hair has been the source of controversy
between his parents and West End Christian School administrators. The school
says the 7th grader’s hair is too long. “The problem,” parents say “is
that it’s been this way since he was in the 3rd grade there.
” Dad
Shawn Freeman says they pulled Isaiah’s hair back so it wouldn’t be in his face
or over his ears. School administrators still found that unacceptable and said
he needed to cut it or, his parents say they were told Isaiah would face a
referral every day until it was.

Source (x)


what the fuck

Punishing black kids for having black hairstyles is becoming a really popular thing and we need to talk about this more


Where’s “it’s just hair,” “rasta” mold mop tumblr now?

I was going to reblog this anyway, but that last comment got me so hot I can hardly breathe. It infuriates me that white people can fuck so completely with a hairstyle particular to black people/culture/religion), and nothing negative happens to them except for very true insults on how matted and wrong it looks…and black children are PENALISED IN THE STATES FOR WEARING IT. Don’t they understand how wrong it is? Real Rastafari wouldn’t stand for such blatant injustice.

Black people matter so much.


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