i know its a stingray but it looks like cthulhu popped his head up to say hi

I thought it was a giant squid.

holy shit they get this big?

They do get this big! They also tame relatively easily and are surprisingly docile animals. Its popular to swim with them in many beachy areas. As long as you’re not stupid and mean to them, your odds of being hurt by them are very low.

I had the opportunity to swim with a school of them on a sandbar once and I must say they are very aggreeable animals, though they do have the tendency to mob you if you have food, and they can be quite heavy. Still very pleasant animals.

ha cthulhu

Humans will pet anything. If aliens come, that might be what distinguishes us from the rest of the galaxy.

“we were going to blow them up, but they engaged in an oddly pleasing patting ritual and, well, it was nice.”


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