so it’s trans day of visibility today and i can’t help but find myself thinking about what it means, at least for me, to be trans and to be visible.  i don’t have any clear or concise thoughts on the matter, which is perhaps fitting giving the vast complexity that lies within the trans experience and the spectrum of gender; what does it mean to *be* visible, is it about perception by others, finding our own truth to present not just to the outside world but to ourselves in the mirror.  i have no answers and i don’t know if i will find them but i will keep looking and relishing in the truths i find on my journey – i am trans nonbinary and one day i hope to give an awarding body a real fucking headache and force a severe rethink when they want to nominate me for an award and realise i don’t fit into one of the existing categories.  wishful thinking – perhaps. schadenfreude? maybe a little. but we are here. we exist and we deserve to be seen – in our achievements and in our lives.

they/them pronouns


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