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“Exotic” is such a versatile adjective! Use it as often as possible.


You won’t have to do as much research if you replace the city’s immigrant population with elves.


Have you mentioned in this chapter that your protagonist is not like other girls? You should make sure to do that.


You SHOULD base your protagonist on you. Disguise him by giving him
really intense green eyes and an ancestral weapon. You don’t have those!


If a character has curves, make sure to specify that they are in all the right places. Otherwise, readers will be confused.


Make sure to compare each character to a specific celebrity so that readers will be able to picture them accurately.


Nothing’s edgier than casual misogyny.


Vampires, but maybe, like, they feel bad about it?


There’s no better way to emphasize the tragedy of a young woman’s untimely death than lovingly describing how hot her corpse is.


Go ahead. Spell out that accent phonetically.


@WorstMuse is a relic of the human race


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