I’m going to add “Cosmere name-dropped” to the Cosmere Bingo list

I haven’t seen Cosmere Bingo around, but it needs to be a thing. Some more ideas:

  • Cosmere name-dropped
  • Hoid-spotting
  • Non-Hoid worldhopper appears
  • A character who will be (but is not yet) a worldhopper appears
  • The term “Investiture” is used
  • A Shard is mentioned by name/intent (Ruin, Honor)
  • A Shard’s Vessel is mentioned by name (Ati, Tanavast)
  • Reference to a Shard not Invested in this world
  • Adonalsium mentioned by name
  • Another Shardworld mentioned by name
  • Use of a non-native form of Investiture
  • The term “Realmatics/Realmatic Theory” is used
  • One or more Realm mentioned by name (e.g. Cognitive Realm)
  • Shardpool seen or referenced
  • Nazh’s annotations appears on a map or image

-When the name of the book is used in text
-When a major character dies or appears to die
-When two characters whose viewpoints you’ve been following cross paths for the first time (I feel like this one should be based on page length – i.e., if they haven’t met for at least half the/a book)

The problem with this game is that halfway through Way of Kings you’re having trouble focusing your eyes on the words.

anytime “style” or the term “another secret” is used in Mistborn could be in here too, I think…


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