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Its #TransLiberationTuesday and this week I’m honored to share a portrait of the incredible @soulfreedreams Elle Hearns! Elle is the Organizing Coordinator for #BlackLivesMatter. We worked on this while she was up all night supporting BLM Toronto activists as they were attacked by the police. They are demanding police release the name of the officer who was cleared for killing Andrew Loku, a 45-year-old father of five, last July. []. Follow #BLMTOTentCity and #BLMTOBlackout for updates. “As a black trans woman, my work and worth has never been valued. The Black Lives Matter Network has created something new—an intersectional space that centers Black trans and queer lives. That has never existed before, and it’s a beautiful thing. It is an honor to be trusted to lead and follow black people. We are creating the future. The future is now. And I believe that we will most definitely be free.” Elle asked that we support these urgent #BlackLivesMatter fundraisers that are close to her heart. Please help support: BLM LA, who are currently on trial:, Pasadena organizer Jasmine Richards:, and Chicago organizer Timothy Bradford:


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